Ladies and gents; Louise Bourgeois peeling an orange. See here for another trick involving the unrhymable fruit.

An hour and a half of Sergey Starostin's Vocal Family being great.

By Boris Tellegen. By Boris Tellegen.

Hi, long time no see.

Meditation on Violence by Maya Deren.

Well, this is nice… It’s called Solipsist and it’s directed by Andrew Thomas Huang.

I’m in the process of designing interactive infrared tracking projection stuff for a show at the moment, and during a bit of research I came across this by the amazing Frieder Weiss for the dance group Chunky Move (whose work is well worth checking out as a whole). Needless to say, I’m a little jealous. To top it all off, this is soundtracked by the amazing Ben Frost. Brilliant all round.